Your blurry reality

You burn yourself down, Every time you let the smoke fill you up; You burn yourself down. You seek peace in your wounds, Where ashes rest still. You don't want to wash it off You are addicted to this form of sublimity; Aren't you? You smile as tears roll down your cheeks, You're used to... Continue Reading →



Life, Dramatic in a plain functioning world; Where cigarettes burn and perish Into flowers that ignite passion, And moments are mere delusions. Life, Complicated in a sorted alignment; Where dreams are painted and washed Into constellations of compromises, And promises are enveloped by intentions. Life, Comprehensive in a restricted boundary; Where liabilities lie and repel,... Continue Reading →


Do you realize the villain waving its flag on the epitome of emotions? Do you realize the settling of grimace into my unsettled soul?


वक़्त अब बदल गया है शायद; बचपन और आज में फर्क सा आ गया है शायद , अब दिल की बातें जुबां पर कम ही आती है ;

Your rainbows and your stars

Believing that there is still a little good left when all you can see is traces of bad. Believing that there will be fresh flowers, somewhere among the  heap of the dead ones. Believing that all situations will turn out just fine, no matter how ugly and ruthless it seems; You understand what it is, don't you?


आगे जाकर कुछ मुसाफिर मिले, चेहरे पे चमक और रूह में मोहब्बत लिए; कुछ चल दिए दोस्ती निभाते हुए,  कुछ ने बिच में ही राह मोड़ लिए।।

Culture and Cuisines – International Gita Mahotsav 2017

India has always been rich in culture and heritage; art and craft; music and dance. We got to see a glimpse of everything in the International Gita Mahotsav 2017. In one hand where people gathered from all over the country in the craft fair, selling their specialties in kurukshetra, on the other hand multiple artists joined in to showcase their tradition; music, dance, athletics, craft etc. in the Mahotsav.

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