Message in a dream.

She was a romantic in the truest sense. To her, love was more than an emotion. To her, love was more than any definition. To her, love was holy and she took inspiration from it. It won’t be wrong if it is said that she needed the essence of love in her life to function properly. Might sound very dramatic, but that was somewhat true for the insane romantic that she was.

The story is about a dream. But this dream was something that blew her mind off. She was a person who was in love with every form of art and stupid as it may sound, but she considered her dreams as an art. Every night she went to bed with the sole purpose of witnessing a new dream, a new story. She enjoyed the illusions her mind created while she was asleep. Hopeless romantic, you see.

She was in a very healthy relationship for a good three years before she was left heart broken by the man she loved. A void was created within her and maybe somewhere down her system, she wanted that void to get filled up, but she decided to leave it that way. She decided to not fall in love again. She put in all her efforts to become someone that she was not. But life had other plans.

Three months after her breakup, she was starting to heal. The memories didn’t hurt much then as it did before. She got used to the feeling of heart break. She was starting to get back to sleep again as insomnia was moving out of her life finally. She started going out with friends who would make her feel good about herself. She started focusing on her career which was a big deal and it was important. She knew that she will never go back in the path of love because heart breaks were very difficult to deal with and she could not afford another one anytime soon.

Her parents were very supportive throughout that difficult phase in her life. But parents are emotional. All they want for their kids is only happiness in every form. In between those months of healing, her father’s childhood best friend came up with a marriage proposal for her and his eldest son. Naturally, her father became very excited because the boy was a generous man and the family was known and they loved his daughter as their own. Her father knew that if that worked in future, her daughter would live the life of a queen with such loving family members but also, he was afraid to talk to his daughter because he knew her state of mind. So for the time being, he decided not to talk about it with her.

Three months later, when she was starting everything afresh, the parents thought that they must talk about the marriage proposal then. So one fine morning, her mother told her everything but she also told her that they were not forcing her into anything. They told her that she can think about it as long as she want to and that there were no pressure at all.

Now looking into things from her point of view, the entire scenario a mess. The boy she was asked to think about was seven years older than her (but that was not the problem) and they have known each other since their childhood. It would be appropriate to say that they have almost grown up together and she never thought that one fine day she will be asked to spend her entire life with the man whom she considered kind of a brother. But she had time to think.

She didn’t say no to her parents because she knew that they only wanted the best for her and they were very much aware of the emptiness that the heart break had created within her. They just wanted to help and thus, she decided to think about it but she also knew, she wasn’t ready for it.

Time passed by and everything was back to normal. The parents decided to give her space and they never talked about the marriage again. But the discussion somewhere left a mark within her. The more she wanted to forget about it, the more she thought about it. But career was her priority and she knew she had no time for anything else. But then she saw the dream.

Out of nowhere, she sees that her parents were fixing the date of her marriage. The family was in the mood of a celebration and the entire house was decorated with fairy lights. She was also there and she was disturbed with the marriage date being fixed. She started yelling at the top of the voice stating how she was not ready yet and that she didn’t want to marry, neither then nor ever. But nobody was hearing her voice. Everybody were busy in celebrations. And then the unexpected happened.

In the next scenes she sees the man she was about to marry. The man whom she knew since her childhood but in that dream he seemed different. He had deep eyes but that moment it seemed deeper. He had a heavy voice but that moment it felt heavier but with a softer tone in it. He was standing in front of her and he was trying to calm her down. He wanted her to know that the decision was worth a try and that there was nothing wrong in it. He was there to make her believe that life does not stop for anybody and someone will be always there to push you when you forget to move ahead. He wanted her to realize that they were a good idea and that he was there to hold her hands through all the hurdles. He was there because he wanted her to stop overthinking and give them a chance because she deserved happiness and he was ready to give it without asking for anything in return. And then he felt his strong arms around her and she felt the warmth and the feeling of security. She was frozen in the moment and that was when she woke up from the dream.

The dream took her breath away. The dream shook her soul. The dream made her question her own self. The dream knocked doors that were deep inside locked within herself.

But she was there, all confused. Not aware of her own senses. Not aware of her own self. She was there asking herself if that was what she really wanted; but as an answer she just received silence.

And now she needs your help to figure out what the dream really meant to her. She needs your help so that she can come out of the puddle of questions whose answers are impossible for her to find.

Will you help her find her answers?




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