The best man ever.

Life tends to change it’s colors more than a chameleon does. Just when we think that life cannot get more worse than this, something “more worse” shows up and it is a process that goes on and on without any break. Somewhere down our spine, we too are accustomed to this way of living life; going through various hurdles and sometimes finding our own little happiness in it; that is how it all works, right? But I too learned this simple philosophy of life from the greatest teacher ever- my dad.

My dad keeps saying that you cannot expect only happy moments from life and just happy moments won’t help you grow. You need bitter experiences to grow and that is important. Only when you learn to pass through the ugly experiences, that is when you will get the real sweet taste of the happy ones, and that feeling will be forever.

These sessions with my dad is something I really look forward to. These sessions are my source of learning various hacks to life. Every time when I’m about to do something new or start something afresh, my dad makes sure to have a talk with me about life and it’s moods. I find solace in these discussions. Even when something really bad happens to me and I think that “This is it!”, my dad reminds me that it is just one of the ugly experiences among several other ones that I have to face in future and these doesn’t really make us weak, but stronger and each time we grow a little more in life.

You people must be wondering why am I talking about the life lessons that my dad gives me! Because we often talk about our moms and state how important their role is in our lives but our dads, they are usually left unsung. And since it is the fathers day week I am gonna sing all the praises of him (more or less) because it is important and I am somewhat a reflection of him.

Now honestly, there are moments when there is severe tension between me and my parents especially my dad, like every other parent-kid relationship has. There are moments and situations where we both disagree with one another and we argue and there is heat in the house for days; it happens. There are few decisions that my dad thinks is not right for me but I feel completely opposite and our opinions clash and there is tension.But somewhere in between, I feel, these clashes and tensions are something that makes us stronger and also widens our perspective to some point.

My dad comes from a very lower middle class family where he grew up among eight siblings. And often he tells me that sometimes in life it is very important to compromise for the well being of others. But also, it is important to be selfish at times, not always but at times when it becomes significant to think about only yourself and nobody else. He taught me that people who enters our life are all temporary and eventually everybody leaves; friends, family, relatives even our own parents and then all we will have is our own selves. So, building up a strong human being inside us is one of the basic task that we must start doing from our very early days.

Recently I went through a very suffocating phase in my life and I was heartbroken. I would not talk to my parents or friends for days and I refused meals and very obviously my parents were worried. That was when my dad taught me something very crucial. He said that people change with time and so does their choices. But that is wrong when it comes to love and relationships. He said love is a commitment and not just feelings. So, you must stick to your commitment no matter how hard the situation seems; And just because a boy gave up on you, just because someone failed in his commitment, doesn’t mean you are not worthy. He said that usually people don’t change for good is because they don’t want to and there is no other reason. And just then when I started howling in front of my parents, he just kept his hand on my forehead and said that there is someone else waiting for me and he will know the important of commitment, the importance of love and I will be happy someday but crying for someone who doesn’t deserve me is just mere waste of time and energy.

There were times, where I knew I disappointed my dad and that he was hurt. There were times I misbehaved just because he had expectations that I was unable to stand up to. But among all this, he chose to stand by me like a pillar because that is what great fathers do right? Support their kid in their decisions.

He set his business at a very early age and that was not easy. He failed miserably at times but got up with more enthusiasm none the less. Being honest, I have never seen a man more wiser that my dad, a balance of both wisdom and values. With time I have realized that there is potential within every individual and all you need is just a bit of support and love to experiment with your potential; and I’m so glad that my dad has been always by my side looking out for me and helping me to work on my abilities, even when he thought that it was a bad idea. He was the one who encouraged me to push against my limits because he believed there is a brighter side on the other side of my limits and it needed to be explored. He was the only one who let his dreams go just to fulfill mine and he never seems to regret that. How great fathers are!

Fathers usually don’t show their emotions, they are good at hiding. But when you achieve something or when you are all about good news, then the father is the happiest soul you can ever think of; but they will never show that. I haven’t seen my dad cry but I know that when I’ll be moving to a different city in a couple of months, he won’t be able to sleep at night. His eyes might not water but his heart will. He never complains about anything, nor does he asks for the love he deserves but he keeps on putting every ounce of his effort so that we can be happy and comfortable.

Sacrifice is something I have learnt from my dad and no matter how much our point of views differ, he will always be the best man in my life who has given me notes and hacks on how to tackle life in various stages of it; because life tends to change it’s colors more than a chameleon does.



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