Discovering your inner creative potential: A seminar on creative careers.

Ramoji Krian Universe, an autonomous professional institute in Hyderabad, held a creative career seminar with the collaboration of Kolkata Bloggers on the 2nd of July, Sunday. The seminar was held in Vidya Mandir (Circus Avenue, near Birla High School) from 10 am to 2 pm.

Ramoji Krian Universe is a joint venture by the Ramoji group and the Amsterdam based Krian media which has come up with specialized post graduate diploma programmes and certificate programmes on the various fields of media and film-making. Not only that, but the institute focuses on the their student’s interests and works with them accordingly, providing them live projects and internships that would leave them with professional experience and knowledge.

Ramoji Krian Universe is exploring the wide range of media including fashion and marketing with their specialized courses. With over forty courses to choose from, the institute is the first to offer post graduate diploma programmes on specialized fields of film-making and other media based professions in India. The institute is situated within the campus of Ramoji Film City which is the largest film city in the world, spreading across 2000 acres of land. RKU promises expert guidance and exposure in the vast range of film making techniques in real sets and environment which will add up to the student’s practical experience of working on real film projects.

Coming back to the event, the seminar was graced by the very amazing celebrity speaker and famous Bollywood actor, director and producer, Mr. Viveck Vaswani and the director of RKU, Prof. Ujjwal K. Chowdhury (also the former dean of Amity University and Symbiosis International). Both the speakers talked about the various ways by which one can seek a career in the creative media not only with talent as the sole pillar but also with an adverse knowledge on the media business and techniques which is equally important since the technology and media platform has undergone a drastic change in the last decade. They even talked about ways to turn an individual’s passion into their profession in a very logical and straight manner.

The guest speakers also shed light on how the creative industry is the safest and the most well paid industry in today’s time and how a creative mindset can be shaped up into a strong and sharp professional. The seminar focused on how an individual can nurture their creative selves and mold that into a profession, a profession that our neighbor thinks can be limited as just hobbies; be that music or dance or art or anything that is creative.

The next segment of the seminar was a little award ceremony that was hosted to encourage the outstanding spirit of some of the young achievers in the field of media and creativity. The young award winners shared some of their personal recipes to a happy and prosperous career and they also provided the passage way where we can find the special ingredients to make the recipe more flavorful for ourselves.

The teaching faculty of SKU were also present in the seminar and they too enlightened the audience on the concept of their subject and it’s importance as a whole. The final and concluding segment of the seminar was an interaction round where Prof. Ujjwal Chowdhury and Mr. Anirban Saha (founder of Kolkata Bloggers) and blogger at, personally answered the audience’s queries and questions regarding blogging and other creative careers.

My experience in the seminar was like a little girl curious about everything that was going on. Being a creative person myself who takes interest in everything related to media, this seminar was like a heavy gush of learning new visions and knowledge. The only thing that went against the seminar was the morning drizzle in the city, which lead to quite an empty auditorium with hardly thirty to forty audience, but that did not bring down the enthusiasm of the seminar and it did serve it’s purpose of encouraging the young audience with a proper and correct view on why creativity can also be looked up as a profession.

So if you have always been a creative at heart and want to make your passion your profession in future with genuine guidance and learning, then Ramoji Krian Universe is for you. Enroll yourself in a programme that you are interested in and bring a change in your life and career with RKU.

On a personal note, I really think the youth must attend the seminars that focuses on the brighter side of creative career choices as a whole; seminars that can help an individual to discover his/her potential; seminars that can lead to a better tomorrow.

P.S. Ramoji Krian Universe along with the collaboration of Kolkata Bloggers is also hosting a 7-day blogging certificate course in Ramoji Film City from the 21st of July, 2017.



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