The Spirit of Calcutta Monsoon

The clouds got together, got drunk on ecstasy and welcomed the Calcutta monsoon with heavy showers that the city was craving for so long. But the momentary relief that came with the Calcutta monsoon was of not much help as it added up to the discomfort of the locals in the city as the humidity kept on increasing. So, putting everything short, Calcutta monsoon can be summed up as rains, momentary cool winds, horrible humidity, people sweating and praying for rain then more rain.

Gloom and the city| Bitan Roy 2017

But among all the weirdness of the city in this monsoon, the landscape is a treat to watch as the sky changes it’s color from time to time, as the drenched streets reflects the shining of the lights, as the aroma of the wet soil hits you so hard that you feel inebriated. The beauty of Calcutta in the rainy reason knows no bound and we have proof.

Bong Bumblebee| Arghyajit Saha 2017
Raw and Flavoured| Bitan Roy 2017

The beauty of the sky in the monsoon is nothing but alluring which carries the power to soothe both your mind and soul. The monsoon sky in Calcutta is like an artist’s canvas with blots of various colors; orange, teal, blue, grey and what not. The city might disappoint you with its cramped humidity but never with the beauty of its sky; grand and magnificent.

The various shades of the sky also reflects the various stuffed flavour that Calcutta is blessed with. The landscape seems just out of a fairy tale and there is no doubting this wonderful fact. Not just the scenic beauty, the city’s real beauty lies within its people and the essence of rawness that dwells within them. No wind, rain or storm has the power to stop the energy that gushes in the veins of the locals here.

The people here are bold and fearless and there is no stopping their enthusiasm, be it the heavy rains or the scorching heat. They know their business and they get up for it in the early hours before the city gets busier in its everyday strenuous schedule, despite the weather. Even the birds here never seize any moment, putting carpe diem to shame, as they keep fluttering in the pastel skies painted over the land of palaces.

Busy Movements | Bitan Roy 2017

Among all the different looks of the city in the monsoon, the night is always filled with peace and boon. The city night is like an enchantress that lures its people into loving the city a little more every day, with all its flaw and grace.

Mother’s Abode (Dakshineshwar Temple) | Arghyajit Saha 2017

The true essence of Calcutta monsoon could not have been possibly articulated in the article without the wonderful photographic skills of my friend Arghyajit Saha and Bitan Roy. As captured in the photographs, the moods of the city that includes both rustic and cozy flavours, drenched in drizzle is what I believe is the beauty of the Calcutta monsoon.


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