The beauty in imperfections

So, I dared to look at myself in the mirror today, Naked and real; And the stretch marks reminded me of how strong I am, The cellulite reminded me of my confidence by which I carry it, My skin and my hair reminded me of how natural a person I was and not photoshopped.



Why do they romanticise you so much, When you're nothing but a blur? Are you even real? Or just an imaginary extension to our thoughts?

Food Affair

If you are a Bengali, then your parents have never taught you to compromise when it came to food. You are well trained in eating anything and everything. You belong to that group of people who finishes other people's meals after finishing their own. Roadside oily fast-food is your life support system. In simple words, if you are a Bengali, You don't need oxygen to live, you need food to live (just kidding, everybody needs oxygen to live).

Unstitch and weave again.

People who want to be photographers, go and frame your own life where you are there with your camera and not sitting in a cubicle doing a 9-5 job. People out there who see themselves as a designer in the future, go design your own life first instead of wasting time on solving unnecessary engineering problems that is not made for you at all. People who want to be actors or artists, what are you planning to do? Act inside the conference room in future? Come on, it is just so unfair. Think about it.

My kind of long-distance.

Today I am smiling like an idiot. Today I am a new person, someone I was not aware of till today. Today I want to feel everything that I was ignoring all this time. Today, I'm not going to compromise.

An open letter to my gay friend.

You are normal. You liking another man is normal. You wanting to spend your life with a man is normal. You wanting to raise a family with them is very normal. And before anybody else, you have to keep faith in these beliefs because that is what will make your lifestyle normal.

Go easy on life

All I am going to do today is state 3 very simple things that might bring a change in the blandness of your monotonous life; only if you give it a shot. Only if you give yourself a chance.

Internet: Also a funny place.

So what am I going to do today is share with you guys a list of 20 funny or rather weird questions that were actually asked by few genius human beings. So, fasten your seat belts because now we are gonna go through some of the most awkward questions you will ever read or hear or whatever.

A place blacker than the dark.

I am still in the blackness of my soul, trapped and looking for a vent to slip out. I am still hearing familiar voices. Your voice and yours too. I wish you could help me out of this tragic place but I guess I am the only person to sort my way out.

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