The Spirit of Calcutta Monsoon

The clouds got together, got drunk on ecstasy and welcomed the Calcutta monsoon with heavy showers that the city was craving for so long. But the momentary relief that came with the Calcutta monsoon was of not much help as it added up to the discomfort of the locals in the city as the humidity... Continue Reading →


Teenage Turbulence and Solutions.

My mother noticed the weirdness within me and she approached me one fine evening. It was raining outside. I was just back from school and I had just settled down in the veranda to enjoy the drizzle outside when my mother approached me. She knew she had a very difficult task to do then; to make her daughter realize that she doesn't need to be a different person to get noticed or to make friends. She was there to make her understand that being somebody else is much more hard work than just being one's own self and that is not even worth anything.

Courier Package.

She sat there for about 10 minutes, her hands resting on top of the box and she finally took one heavy breath and opened it. She was unaware of her own emotions; she was uncertain of her feelings at that moment but she smiled, tears still resting at the brim of her eyes.

The best man ever.

Life tends to change it's colors more than a chameleon does. Just when we think that life cannot get more worse than this, something "more worse" shows up and it is a process that goes on and on without any break. Somewhere down our spine, we too are accustomed to this way of living life;... Continue Reading →

Message in a dream.

He had deep eyes but that moment it seemed deeper. He had a heavy voice but that moment it felt heavier but with a softer tone in it. He was standing in front of her and he was trying to calm her down. He wanted her to know that the decision was worth a try and that there was nothing wrong in it. He was there to make her believe that life does not stop for anybody and someone will be always there to push you when you forget to move ahead.

Names and life: The connection

There are few moments where you need to stay for a while to inhale the essence of the moment, but you must also know how long you need to stay because you have to walk ahead anyway. Learn to keep a hold on time.

Respect what you have: Life

Today I am going to share with you guys something that is very personal. It is something that I thought I would never share with anybody but here I am today, about to pen it down; these are not going to be just words but emotions dipped in various colorless hues. This is about few... Continue Reading →

The beauty in imperfections

So, I dared to look at myself in the mirror today, Naked and real; And the stretch marks reminded me of how strong I am, The cellulite reminded me of my confidence by which I carry it, My skin and my hair reminded me of how natural a person I was and not photoshopped.

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